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Fujitsu's LOOX R ultraportable gets SSD, 12+ hour battery

Tim Stevens

12 months ago Fujitsu delivered the first Penryn-packing ultraportable, and, though that 1.2GHz processor isn't quite the hot commodity today it was back then, it's getting another go-round in two new LOOX R ultraportable models shipping this week in Japan. The LOOX R/C70 includes a 128GB SSD carrying Vista Business or XP Pro, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and 12.6 hours of battery life for ¥280,000 (just over $3,000). The C50 offers only Vista Home Premium served on 320GB worth of platters, loses 30 minutes of battery life and the Bluetooth too, but also sheds about $500 in the process, going for a still rather pricey ¥230,000 ($2,500). Both offer 12.1-inch, 1280 x 800 screens, optical drives, and somewhat tired looking exteriors. But, they can both survive an 11-hour flight from LAX to Tokyo with battery life to spare, and chances are you wouldn't be looking too hot yourself after that.

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