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Psystar's lawyers take another hit, say Apple didn't copyright OS X

Nilay Patel

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It's official -- Psystar's "hotshot law firm" of Carr and Ferrell is desperate. Their latest brief on behalf of the wannabe Mac clonemaker says that Apple's copyright infringement and DMCA claims against Psystar are invalid because Steve and Co. improperly registered the copyright to OS X. Yes, that's right: Psystar's arguing that the most protective and litigious computer maker on the planet didn't take the time to properly register the copyright to its flagship product. If that sounds insane, it's because it is: we found registrations for every major version of OS X, dating from 2001, in about five seconds of searching. Seriously, if an argument this simple was a winner you'd think we'd have heard about it from the get-go, instead of Psystar's dubious, immediately-dismissed antitrust claims. We have no idea who's approving or paying for these flailing tactics, but firms like Carr and Ferrell don't risk their reputations on ridiculous arguments like this for free -- maybe there's something to that crazy "secret backer" conspiracy theory after all.

[Via AppleInsider]

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