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Super Smash Bros. leads January VC lineup in Japan


Nintendo of Japan has announced their plans for the next month's Virtual Console games, and, for once, the list includes a Nintendo 64 title. Super Smash Bros. is headed to the Japanese VC in January. Pokémon Snap came out in the US within a week of the Japanese release last year, so maybe this year's big winter N64 game will follow suit. Nintendo has lovingly appended an extra 200 points to the normal cost of a Nintendo 64 game for this release.

Super Smash Bros. is likely to be the only thing anyone reading this will care about, given the combined Brawl obsession of the Wii audience and the first-party-franchise domination of VC sales, but we've got the whole (rather small) lineup for January after the break just because.


  • Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Kiken na Futari Zengo-hen (January 6)
  • Getsu Fuuma Den
  • ZOIDS Mokushiroku
Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo All-Stars Dairantou Smash Bros.
Sega Master System
  • Fantasy Zone II: Opa-Opa no Namida (Tears of Opa-Opa)
Mega Drive
  • Wonder Boy III Monster Lair (January 6)
PC Engine
  • Rastan Saga II
  • Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu 2
  • Spriggan mark 2
  • Champion Wrestler
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