Originatic to bring wall-mountable Smart-Leaf PC to CES

You know, the world really needs more wall-mountable PCs. We mean, who hasn't had the urge lately to pull up in one's hallway and check their email on something other than a handheld? All unwarranted sarcasm aside, Originatic is planning to reveal a rather unique machine at CES, with the Smart-Leaf PC boasting a "space-saving" in-wall design with a fold-out, spill-proof keyboard, touchscreen panel, WiFi module and even a TV tuner. For those with incredibly acute memories, you'll likely recall that this very rig debuted in prototype form at last year's CES, though the commercialized Oasis and Mountain variants will be ready for shipping in March. Sadly, there's no word on pricing nor detailed specifications, but we get the feeling you'll end up paying too much for too little.