EMTEC's sub-$400 10-inch Gdium netbook gets specced

Here it is folks, the next netbook that you'll soon be forgetting. As we'd heard, EMTEC has officially launched the Gdium Mobile Netbook here in the desert, and now we've got the specs that we've been so anxiously waiting for. Under the hood you'll find an elusive CPU based on the MIPS-64 architecture, which is being provided by ST Microelectronics. Alongside that, you'll find a 10-inch 1,024 x 600 resolution panel, a 2.6 pound frame, a Mandriva Linux OS specifically designed for the 64-bit processor and oodles of open source software to toy around with. As for pricing, we're simply told it'll be under $400, so yeah, you're looking at $399.