Garmin's new nuvi 885T, zumo 660 and G5 GPS units for drivers, bikers and golfers

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Garmin's gone all diversity-happy on us this morning with three new chock-full-o-features portable GPS devices. The nuvi 885T is the real flagship here, offering speech recognition, lane assist junction view and MSN Direct traffic info and other cloud-based services. The unit centers on a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 touchscreen, and offers up Bluetooth for hands-free calling and an FM transmitter to pump turn-by-turn instructions and music through your car stereo. Unfortunately, the hotness doesn't come cheap: the 855T goes for $800, with an MSN and Bluetoothless version going for $700. The zumo 660 is built for motorcycle types, with a 4.3-inch glove and sunlight-friendly touchscreen display. There's Bluetooth for pumping turn-by-turn directions to your helmet headset, and more of that lane assist goodness, but the $800 pricetag might quell your enthusiasm. Finally, the G5 offers up a 3-inch touchscreen, with what sound to be some pretty intuitive tap and drag functionalities. Pictures of the 660 and the G5 are after the break.

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