JVC circles the wagons, surrounds us with four HTIBs

JVC has loosed three 5.1-channel HTIBs and a fashionable 2.1-channel rig at CES. First up, the TH-G31, TH-G41 and TH-G51 are all based around upconverting DVD decks. The TH-G41 and TH-G51 models add a repeating HDMI input and iPod/iPhone connectivity -- complete with a display of the iPod/iPhone UI -- into the mix. Capping off the tippy-top of the line, the TH-G51 also sports wireless surround speakers. If your fashion sensibilities are even more stringent than wireless surrounds, you might be able to accept the move to the 2.1-channel, so slim it's wall-mountable NX-T10. Don't run away from the 2.1-channel spec just yet -- the speakers are omnidirectional, so you'll still get some sense of envelopment. Full details in the links.

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