Planet Pachinko dropping into WiiWare this Monday

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Developer Allied Kingdoms has announced that their game Planet Pachinko will be out on WiiWare this Monday. Wait, come back -- it's not a pachinko game. Yes, we thought it was a pachinko game too, as will everyone else browsing through WiiWare games. It's actually a clever-looking platform/shooting game that takes place inside a pachinko machine! Basically, it involves shooting enemies while also staving off falling pachinko balls.

The combination of small, enclosed spaces and shmup-like patterns of hundreds of projectiles gives Planet Pachinko a sort of Bangai-O vibe, though that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be as wonderful as Treasure's series. For 500 points, though, it might be worth trying. Now, who else doesn't believe this will actually come out when the developers think it will? Because Nintendo doesn't really go in for that whole "people knowing when they'll be able to buy things from the Wii Shop" business.
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