Final EGM issue to be 'printed' on 1UP

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Final EGM issue to be 'printed' on 1UP

R.I.P. Electronic Gaming Monthly

EGM's departing final editor-in-chief, James Mielke, has posted the magazine's last cover on his blog, revealing that the issue will be available to read (in hi-res) on 1UP. Protip: You can print it out and put it in your mailbox out of respect for the publication's demise.

Mielke's post goes on to discuss his eight-month stint in the captain's chair -- following the departure of longtime editor Dan Hsu -- and features candid images of the mag's final days. Toward the end of the piece, Mielke claims the EGM circulation was between 550-650K and its death "was simply a matter of UGO wanting a website, not a magazine."

Bonus: Here's an image of nearly every EGM cover, ever! [Via GameCulture]
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