Macworld 2009 sights and exhibitors

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Chris Ullrich
January 8th, 2009
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Macworld 2009 sights and exhibitors
As you may have guessed, Macworld is a rather large event with lots to see and do. With so much under one roof (well, two roofs actually -- if you count the North and South halls) it's sometimes difficult for us to show you everything in great detail.

Sometimes we need to resort to more of an overview of things so you can get an idea of the sights, sounds and perhaps even smells that comprise an event like Macworld. Fortunately, that's one of the reasons the photo gallery was invented. So far, we've had galleries featuring a brief bit of the North Hall, an event with our partner, day one photos and a whole bunch of others.

This time around, its more of the main show floor featuring many of the bigger vendors that make up this year's Macworld.

Check them out!

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