Dell Mini 10 hands-on

We just caught up with the Dell Mini 10, and while it's not as crazy hot as the white Adamo, it's still pretty sweet -- much nicer looking than the Mini 9, and more compact than the Mini 12. No wonder Dell's calling it a "perfect 10." The multitouch trackpad is really similar to the one on the newest Macbooks, but it's a little less intuitive -- the buttons are pushed into the corners, so a middle press doesn't do a lot. On the other hand, it's a little more useful -- not only can you do the usual zooming and scrolling, laying three fingers on the pad brings up a slick little launcher screen. Too bad we don't have pricing or availability -- if this thing comes in at a reasonable number, it's going to be our favorite netbook. We stacked the 10 up against the 9, the 12, and a MacBook Air, check it all out in the gallery below!