The Queue: Spreading the space plague

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|01.11.09

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The Queue: Spreading the space plague

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.
A bad case of space cancer put me out of commission for the last few days, and for that I apologize. In addition to my apology, I blame the pandas. They caused me to come down with such a horrid plague. I'm back on my feet now though, so the Q&A will continue!


I'm admittedly new to tanking, and I hear people talk about a 'rage dump'. Why would I want to dump rage? I thought the whole idea was to build up a good amount so I don't have to sit there auto-attacking waiting for my abilities to become usable. In Wrath, I never seem to have a problem generating rage and at the end of a fight in which I've pulled several mobs, I usually have quite a bit of rage still available. Am I doing something wrong?

A rage dump is an ability you use outside of your normal rotation to use up extra rage when you're in a situation where you have a ton. For example, a boss fight. Bosses generally hit you hard enough that you have a ton of rage, but if you're just using the same rotation you use on trash, you're probably sitting on a lot of extra, wasted rage. If you're sitting caped at 100 rage all of the time, it probably means you're not generating as much threat (or damage) as you could be.

As another reader mentioned, Heroic Strike is an example of a rage dump. It's not an ability you really use unless you have a lot of extra rage at your disposal. When you can support your full threat rotation and have more rage leftover to work with, you start using things like Heroic Strike to put it to use.

infection asked...

Does anyone know why I can't see combo points building up in the malygos fight while my Xperl is on? Do I not having something turned on? The daily and oculus is the same way. Would LOVE to solve that problem!

You're probably using an outdated version of Xperl. A lot of UI mods hadn't been updated for vehicle combo points when Wrath actually hit, so it didn't work in most of them. Xperl, however, has been updated, but I'm not sure about others. If any of you other readers are running into the same problem, check the site where you acquired your mod. Yours might have been updated as well! If not... you're out of luck, unless you know how to make some edits yourself.

Zephyer asked...

In Gundrak, at the second boss there is a large, red snakelike thing there. Any idea on what it might be?

I have absolutely no idea but it freaks me the hell out.

Soulfuss asked...

I started WoW in Sept 2008. I reached 80 on my Death Knight on 1/1/2009. I traded out from a Warlock at 56. I'm now gearing up my DK and now I want to try my hand at healing and have made a nice Druid. I don't plan on playing the Warlock anytime soon and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to even keep rolling on him at all.

Question: Should I keep him as a bank alt or can I just delete him once I sell off his gear and mail it to another toon? More over, since the Warlock was what I used to unlock the DK, will I get locked out of the DK until something else hits 55?

I really don't see why you would delete it. Even if you don't actively play it, high-ish level alts are always useful. Mules that can actually leave capital cities, characters that you can use for tradeskills, or maybe you'll just want to play a Warlock again one day.

If you don't need to free up a character slot, there's no reason to delete the Warlock. Just let it gather some dust, and maybe you'll find a way to use it later. I don't think deleting it will cause any problems with your Death Knight but I've no idea why you would bother with the deletion in the first place.
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