Caption Contest: unofficial Obama MP4 player is officially awesome

Friendly tipster and man about town Ben spotted this Obama-branded MP4 player ("with built-in speaker!") in Washington D.C. recently.

Paul: "Yes we can buy cheap Chinese iPod knockoffs!"
Chris: "Introducing the iPod hussein."
Tim: "Sadly the John McCain gramophone was deemed too risky for today's economic conditions."
Laura: "There's not a Zune America and an iPod America. There's a United States of generic Obama MP4 player America."
Nilay: "They would give it an African name, DIGITAL MP4 PLAYER, believing that in a tolerant America a terrible interface and weird format support are no barrier to success."
Joe: The Audacity of KIRF
Richard: "Whew, for a second people thought he was using a Zune again"
Josh: "On Obama's Digital MP4 Player, it's not shuffle. It's change."
Ross: "Next on the O'Reilly Factor: is president-elect Barack Obama funneling funds through a Shenzhen, China-based shell company?"
Sean: "Who is that black bald guy anyway?"*

*Sean is Canadian, we can't take responsibility for him or his silly little country.