Verizon changing some plan names, gets Alltel in-network calling

We've been able to independently verify Boy Genius Report's claim that Verizon will be changing the name of IN Calling to the simpler "Mobile to Mobile" (and we can also kick in that INpulse will become just "Prepaid") on February 15. That alone isn't terribly awesome, but more importantly, Alltel numbers are now included as in-network calls for Verizon customers. Alltel customers, meanwhile, have to wait for the merger to complete. Sorry, folks!

And here's a little something for the data fiends: the venerable BroadbandAccess laptop plan becomes Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband (there's a mouthful for you) this coming Monday. That's an incredible upgrade from four to ten syllables, so we should all be thanking our lucky stars for that.