HyperSpace instant-on OS on ASUS lappies: it'll cost ya

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.21.09

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HyperSpace instant-on OS on ASUS lappies: it'll cost ya
When Phoenix Technologies relaunched its HyperSpace instant-on OS, we didn't balk too much at the pricing plans for users looking to add it onto their existing laptop. On the same token, we fully expected it to be included gratis (or close to it) when it arrived pre-installed on Acer and ASUS machines. According to Phoenix Technologies' PR firm, the system will ship on a variety of ASUS machines, with the Hybrid edition being loaded on higher performance devices and the Dual product finding its way onto netbooks and the like. Sadly, ASUS won't be subsidizing the cost of the subscription-based system in part nor in full, meaning that users will be forced to pay the full $39.95 (Hybrid) / $59.95 (Dual) annually if they want to take advantage. Something tells us someone didn't think this plan through.
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