The Queue: Slack-jawed daffodils

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|01.27.09

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The Queue: Slack-jawed daffodils
Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

We have another appearance from Allison Robert today for you Druid players, so that's fun! Guest answers tend to be a lot more fun, no? I certainly think so, because it means less work for me to do! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, but it's definitely fun to spread the love around a little.

Chas asked...

Has there ever been any lore surrounding Thane Korth'azz and Lady Blaumeux from Naxxramas? The other horsemen seem to have back-stories but I can't find anything on them.

Blaumeux seems to have the least amount of backstory of all of the Four Horsemen, so I'm not entirely sure what her deal is in everything. Thane Korth'azz, however, is probably a former member of the Silver Hand. In the comic he's been referred to as "one of Uther's men" so the common theory is he went down around the same time Arthas shivved Uther. The details are fuzzy, but he was definitely a member of the Silver Hand.

Blaumeux is a question mark. Probably she was just a notable female Paladin, likely in the Silver Hand as well. We don't really know.


What happened to Dungeon Sets in WotLK? Is this just another thing Blizz was too lazy to get creative about?

We hardly need class specific dungeon sets. They really served no useful purpose except looking pretty, and while I love looking pretty just as much as the next guy, those sets were pretty superfluous. Very few people actually wore their tier set, so all they really did was clutter up loot tables. Most of the people that collected their dungeon sets did so just so they could say they had the full set, but very few actually wore it.

They were really unnecessary, and I don't think they really served a purpose. The 10-man version of Tier 7 isn't that much harder to get, so it's not like there's no sets at all available to slightly newer level 80s. Most of it is on easy to reach bosses or available from Emblems of Heroism, just running whichever Heroics you want.

Phun asked...

What do the glowing colours on the meeting/summoning stones mean? I've seen green, blue and orange (and I think red too but I'm not sure). I was guessing it was to do with level ranges but it seems completely arbitrary. For example at level 80 BRD was orange but BRS was blue.

I never actually noticed the different colors on the meeting stones. After digging around, I've come up empty. I don't think it means anything, just aesthetics, but if any of our readers know anything about it beyond that I hope they'll let us know! It'd be interesting if it indicated something, but I don't think it does.

actodd asked...

Now that every Tom, Dick and Hunter has the Staff of Trickery, I'm starting to look at other weapon options, particularly One-Handed. Are there any DPS/tanking off-handers available? Are there any combos that would be better than a 2Hander?

Allison Robert answered...

Hi Actodd - like Gorehorn, I'm assuming you're a Druid because you've referenced the Staff of Trickery.

For tanking purposes you'll probably still want to use either the Kirin Tor revered staff or the Enraged Feral Staff from heroic Utgarde Keep. In Naxxramas, tanking upgrades will be an Origin of Nightmares (Naxx-25 shared loot table Gluth/Grobbulus), Staff of the Plague Beast (Naxx-10 shared loot table Heigan/Gluth) or Staff of the Plaguehound (Naxx-10 Kel'Thuzad). OoN is still the best overall feral tanking staff in the game right now, although not by the wide margin it occupied before 3.0.8. Plaguehound doesn't have any armor on it but in all honesty the expertise on it is almost completely wasted on a cat. Use it for DPS only if you're not expertise-capped from gear; otherwise it's a good threat weapon for a tank.

For DPS purposes, Staff of Trickery will keep you going until an Undeath Carrier (Naxx-25 share loot table...I think Gluth/Grobbulus again but I'd have to look it up), a Journey's End (Naxx-25 Kel'Thuzad), or a Black Ice (Malygos-10). Journey's End is currently the best DPS staff in the game. Black Ice is roughly comparable to an Undeath Carrier right now but make sure you train polearms.

At the moment there really are no 1H/offhand feral combinations at all - everything you'll be using will be a staff or a polearm.
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