Gaming industry worth $22 billion in 2008

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David Hinkle
January 29th, 2009
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Gaming industry worth $22 billion in 2008

People, we spent a lot of money on video games last year. Hey, just because we're blogging all serious like doesn't mean we don't buy our fair share of games. We're as responsible for this as you are! How much of that money do you think belongs to Nintendo?

The ESA was kind enough to break down the data further, showing us that we spent $11.7 billion on software alone, a 22.9% jump year-over-year. A lot of the sales, both on the hardware and software side, can be traced back to December, where consumers spent $5.3 billion, breaking the coveted $5 billion mark in a single month for the first time.

Gaming is becoming more and more popular (seriously?), and we're all for it. Do us a favor, though. When it's 7 o'clock and it's time for your grandma to watch Wheel of Fortune, instead ask her if she wants to shoot some Covenant in the face with you. You just might be surprised at how well she handles a Battle Rifle.
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