Tabula Rasa honors biggest fans by naming in-game items after them

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|01.30.09

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Tabula Rasa honors biggest fans by naming in-game items after them
As I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Tabula Rasa's Deployment 16 hitting the test servers, one interesting feature included with this patch was this tidbit: 40 unique weapons named after players. This might be something you glanced over as you searched for more info on the PAUs, but this simple addition has made so many people excited, including myself.

The official list of immortalized players hasn't been released yet, but from the buzz at the PlanetTR forums, the ones who were honored are quite happy. I've skipped the plural narrative here to gush a bit about how much something like this means to me and presumably, the other 39 people honored as well.
As shown in the header screenshot, John "Shuttler" was honored as well, being my co-host and eventual host of the popular TR podcast, TabulaCast. Others include many who submitted images for our "Honoring Tabula Rasa through screenshots" feature we ran last month here at Massively. Sure, these items will only last for another four weeks, but it's the fact that the team took the effort to thank a few of the people who have stuck by them for so long. Say what you want about the game or NCsoft, but it's something like this which will live on in our fondest memories.
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