World of Warcraft makes up half of Activision/Blizzard's earnings

According to the analyst firm Stern Agee, the games megacorporation Activision-Blizzard makes a lot of money. No surprise there, with franchises like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero backing their finances. What really makes their bottom-line work, though, is apparently the mightiest MMO on the planet. According to an analyst at the firm, World of Warcraft is backing a full half of the company's stock price. That is, above and beyond the actual revenue the game pulls down the game is responsible for $400 million of the company's share price.

Despite a few reservations and a belief that the company is currently over-valued, the analysis firm believes the house that WoW built is one of the soundest games industry investments in these troubled times. The full post at Edge Online has details, if you're thinking about combining your love of the Lunar Festival event with online trading.