Warrior Epic goes into closed beta... again

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|02.05.09

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Warrior Epic goes into closed beta... again

The Possibility Space powered MMO Warrior Epic is about to open the doors to their closed beta later this month, offering players to visit their website and press the register button to apply for a chance to play the game.

And if anyone's deja vu sensors are going off, you are indeed correct -- this is Warrior Epic's second closed beta. The change is the addition True Games Interactive, the brand new publisher backing Warrior Epic. The game has seen some changes since we last looked at it, like the removal of the Dreadnought and Vanisher classes, the addition of an Archer, and some name changing for the old Zambrano. Although, the Dreadnought's face is still lurking on the website (he's the background), so perhaps our tanky friend is just waiting in the wings for some action.

The free-to-play title is also sporting a brand new eye-candy filled website, featuring new screenshots, concept art, and desktop backgrounds for the Warrior Epic faithful. We're interested to see how Warrior Epic has evolved from our first impressions on the game last year, and will be keeping up with any new developments with this title.
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