Blizzard at the New York Comic Convention

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.09.09

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Blizzard at the New York Comic Convention

Blizzplanet did a terrific job of covering all of the Blizzard action at the New York Comic Convention last week (none of us, unfortunately, were able to go). The best place to start is probably Medievaldragon's big roundup -- he was able to meet both Mickey Neilson as well as the man himself, Chris Metzen, and talk to them about the lore of Blizzard's various universes. He also learned more about that upcoming Arthas book, and visited the DC folks to see what's new on their front: namely an upcoming King Wrynn figure, as well as a new Night Elf Hunter and even a Ghoul figure.

He also nabbed video of all the Blizzard products floating around the convention (including those figures, very cool-looking), and a long interview with Chris Metzen and Mickey Neilson, in which we hear lots of insight about what's going on in the Starcraft and Warcraft extended universes and the lore books at Blizzard, including what's going on with Sargeras' body, Garona and her mysterious background, and a really interesting hint about what might happen to the Aspect of Magic now that Malygos is dead.

And there's a nice little hint at what's next in Warcraft: Malfurion Stormrage is the next big focus of the lore books, so that might tell you a little bit about what might happen in the game's next expansion. Big thanks to Medievaldragon for covering the NYCC -- even though we weren't able to go, it was nice to have him on site there for the whole community.
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