Verizon, others plan LiMo handset launches in 2009

That other massive international collaboration for a standardized Linux-based mobile platform, the LiMo Foundation, is still toiling away at building its global empire -- but the good news is that Release 2 is now ready to rumble, albeit a few weeks behind schedule. The new version -- a collaboration among a slew of Foundation members -- adds enhancements for location-based services, improved security, high-end multimedia, and other miscellany that hope to make LiMo competitive with the best that Android and others have to offer in 2009. Speaking of 2009, LiMo now says that six "major" carriers have committed to launching handsets running the latest version of the platform this year -- NTT DoCoMo, Telefonica, Orange, SK Telecom, Verizon, and Vodafone -- which is a pretty powerful testament to the pull that LiMo has at the moment. Delivering on those commitments, of course, is another matter altogether.

[Via Phone Scoop]