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Screen Dreams bringing HD imagery to Sharp's AQUOS Net

Screen Dreams bringing HD imagery to Sharp's AQUOS Net
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|February 11, 2009 9:35 PM

Artwork on HDTVs is nothing new, but Screen Dreams is the first HD imagery provider (that we know of) to take advantage of the incoming rush of connected HDTVs. Starting this April, the company's high-def imagery service will be ready for Sharp's line of AQUOS Net displays. Rather than having to insert a DVD, Blu-ray Disc or flash card into a set in order to get high-res screensavers running, users can simply hook their HDTV to the internet and watch the magic happen automatically. Yeah, we know -- this totally isn't the most exciting thing when one thinks about connected HDTVs, but if Screen Dreams can cut it, can you imagine the possibilities? The full release is after the break.
Screen Dreams Announces April Launch of First High Definition Imagery Service for Sharp AQUOS Net Connected HDTVs

Screen Dreams art and photography collections streamed through Internet Widget service add compelling new reason for consumers to buy HDTVs

PHILADELPHIA, PA-February 9, 2009-Screen Dreams Publishing, Inc., the leading developer of lively DVD Screensavers for all home theater and flat-panel HDTVs, today announced that its first HD imagery service, for Sharp Electronics Corporation's AQUOS Net connected HDTVs, will commence this April. Sharp demonstrated a preview of the service at its booth at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11 following the announcement of a joint agreement. The Screen Dreams "Living Earth" collection of stunning nature-themed full 1080p images shown in Las Vegas is the first of many art and professional photography collections that will be streamed, starting later this year, to Sharp AQUOS Net HDTVs connected to the Internet.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Screen Dreams," said Bob Scaglione, Senior Vice President & Group Manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "Compelling digital content such as the HD imagery collections Screen Dreams will deliver to our customers illustrates exactly the reason we created the AQUOS Net enabled HDTV product line."

The flat-panel HDTV revolution has spawned the success of Screen Dreams DVD Screensavers and has proven consumer demand for displaying high quality digital imagery on HDTVs. By transforming black, turned-off flat-panel HDTV screens into lively works of art Screen Dreams gives consumers another compelling use for their HDTVs, one that enhances the ambience of any home or business décor without competing with traditional television and home video fare.

"Screen Dreams is helping consumers to turn their HDTVs into a digital window to the world's most compelling art and photography," says Stephen Spivak, Founder and President of Screen Dreams. "Whether you love Impressionist art, beautiful photographs of the Tuscany hills, or lions basking in the golden sunset on the plains of Kenya, Screen Dreams will deliver breathtaking images that turn your Sharp AQUOS Net enabled HDTV into your personal digital art gallery."

The company's "Living" series of DVDs include its latest release "Living Holidays," a compilation of animated scenes perfect for entertaining at any holiday event or party; "Living Earth," a compilation of cascading mountains, luscious forests, shimmering lakes, and other breathtaking nature scenes; "Living Aquarium Vol. 2," filmed in HD, takes viewers for an undersea adventure with exotic fish and bubbling sounds; "Living Fireplace," the popular selling DVD also filmed in HD lets viewers cozy up to inviting fireplaces that crackle and pop; "Living Waterfalls," which features tropical views of colorful jungle foliage and forest locations with cascading waterfalls; "Living Beaches," which transports viewers to the beach with images of ocean waves and chirping seagulls.

For more information, contact Marty Levine at 1-347-512-7362 or mflevine@mac.com. You can also contact Screen Dreams online at www.ScreenDreamsDVD.com or by phone at 800-625-9000.


Screen Dreams is a leading developer and distributor of DVD Screensavers for all home theater and flat-panel HDTVs. We're changing the way TVs are used, at home or business, by filling blank screens with vivid real-life imagery that can play continuously to provide virtual reality viewing experiences that soothe, entertain, please, and delight. Adapted from the world's most popular screensavers, Screen Dreams DVDs come complete with natural soothing sound effects and originally produced music. Screen Dreams' series of DVD Screensavers for TVs-The Living Series-turns the blank void of a turned-off flat-panel HDTV into a window that reveals real-life, vivid images of fireplaces, aquariums, beaches, waterfalls, butterflies, and nature scenes. To learn more about Screen Dreams, visit www.ScreenDreamsDVD.com.