Chronicles of Spellborn moves up to 1.02

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|02.13.09

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Chronicles of Spellborn moves up to 1.02

The European free to play MMO Chronicles of Spellborn has unleashed patch 1.02, entitled "Scroll of the Second Path," bringing some brand new fixes and changes into their world.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of a brand new tutorial that better introduces their combat system. One of the many problems that many players were facing with Spellborn was that it does not play like a traditional MMO. In fact, playing it like a traditional MMO would usually get you killed. This new tutorial better explains how to avoid getting hit, while still dealing damage of your own to the targets around you.

The other big change is the introduction of "menaces" -- new elite monsters that wander around outdoor areas. These guys are big and hard to kill, but their existences are also tied into special wanted posters in towns. These wanted posters trigger new quests to take down the menaces, giving players incentive to take on these new challenges.

The game is still awaiting a closed beta in the US, but those readers in the UK, France, or Germany will be happy to hop on the Spellborn wagon and give the game a try. The full patch notes for 1.02 are available on the Chronicles of Spellborn forums.

[Via A Ding World]
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