Microsoft confirms expanded Zune team, new mission

While Microsoft's own post on this newfangled Zune initiative has absolutely nothing to do directly with Windows Mobile 6.5, we wouldn't push that inkling of integration too far away. In fact, Redmond has just that on the brain, with "that" being "integration." Confirming an earlier CNET report, Microsoft has decided to wed its Zune software team with the Connected TV organization (Windows Media Center, Mediaroom) in order to "create a single group focused on creating software and services that enable great entertainment experiences across the PC, TV, mobile phones and Zune devices." Additionally, the Zune device hardware team has joined the mobile communications business group to create a center of excellence in portable hardware, and the priority now is to deliver "new software, services and devices for Zune customers." We like the sound of all this ambition, but please, don't make us wait too long for results -- cool?