Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, SD960 IS make brief, semi-official debut

These aren't completely official just yet, but an impromptu appearance on Canon's own website certainly seems to indicate that the company's new PowerShot SD780 IS and SD960 IS should be getting the official treatment sooner rather than later. Both of these are 12-megapixel compacts and, most notably, each pack an HD movie mode (720p) and the requisite HDMI port to go along with it, along with Canon's trademark DIGIC IV image processor, and a 3x optical zoom on the SD780 (pictured above) and a 4x on the slightly larger SD960 (after the break). Unfortunately, there's no indication of a price, but both are apparently on track for a release sometime in April in a range of colors. Oh, and as if those weren't enough, we've also seen a stable of new models names leaked, though there aren't any images to back these up: A480, A1100 IS, A2100 IS, SD780 IS, SD960 IS, SD1200 IS, SX1 IS and SX200 IS. Is PMA just around the bend, or what?

[Thanks, Craig]

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