Eurogamer pits Vanguard vs. EQII in first head-to-head MMO battle

Eurogamer has begun a novel way of 'reviewing' MMOs, a hilarious head-to-head competition premise for this notoriously finicky genre of games. The series is called the "Ten Levels Test", and it couldn't be easier to understand. The writers are going to install each of the games involved in the test, and then play through the first ten levels of the content. Whichever game is more fun will stay in the running, while the other will be uninstalled. There are going to be several rounds of gaming goodness, each pitting 'similar' games to each other in a trial of the second tier of massively multiplayer titles. Full details on the competition are available on the Eurogamer editor blog.

The first competiion was between EverQuest 2 and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes ... and the result is not what you might have expected. Despite being welcomed into an EQ2 guild early in his career, writer Oli Welsh found that Vanguard was ultimately the more engaging world. A different twist on the typical fantasy, interactive combat, and a very fresh approach to storytelling grabbed the author, and gave the troubled title the clear win. Welsh points out that the starting experience in Vanguard was just recently added, and so its clear quality may be disarming or short-lived. Still, the purpose of this series is only to explore the first ten levels. Vanguard was the clear