Tomb Raider's 'Beneath the Ashes' DLC coming Feb. 24

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|02.19.09

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Tomb Raider's 'Beneath the Ashes' DLC coming Feb. 24
After an "unexpected technical issue" delayed her basement expedition, Lara Croft is back on track for her Xbox 360-exclusive Tomb Raider Underworld add-on, Beneath the Ashes. According to an official forum post by Eidos' head of mastering, Jason Walker, the download has cleared Microsoft certification and should be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace next Tuesday, February 24. We've reached out to Eidos PR for additional confirmation.

A title update addressing several game bugs (fixes listed after the break) will be released alongside the download, which is expected to weigh in at 948MB. The second downloadable chapter, Lara's Shadow, still retains its original March 10 release date and promise of a "new" playable character. Expect each pack to cost 800 ($10).
Bug fixes
  • In some circumstances reward progress could be lost when restarting TRU either through a save game reload, or through starting a new game
  • In rare circumstances, animated water running down walls (textures) in TRU could cease to animate
  • While being "teleported" during a cinematic (where the player will end the cinematic in a new position), there were rare circumstances where Lara would be left with a very high velocity which caused her current or next jump to throw her much further
  • While executing an adrenaline attack (which causes the game to go into a "bullet time" slow motion effect), if the player restarted the game, or reloaded a save game, the subsequent menu animation for costume and weapon selection would be in slow motion
  • Under rare circumstances the player could teleport from one fluid movement primitive to another
  • Under some circumstances Lara could "miss" picking up a portable object, which led to her having to re-attempt the pick up
  • Under certain circumstances the full screen effects for adrenaline mode could become corrupted
  • Under rare circumstances engaging and pulling an object with the grapple caused a crash
  • Fixed numerous issues in the code that was causing conflicts between OLAPI and the system listener relating to saving loading and mounting of downloadable content packs
  • Fix for crash when loading a game that was previously saved while the player was inserting an object
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to load a save game on level 5
  • Fixed a bug where the player could force the slow down from the adrenaline mode to never end (even though the mode itself had ended)
  • When downloading content from Xbox Live, the current language selection no longer gets changed back to English when the new content is mounted
  • When mounting DLC content, the content is now properly associated with a user profile to support HDD roaming
  • Other minor issues addressed
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