'108 Street Fighter wins' record has eerie significance

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'108 Street Fighter wins' record has eerie significance
The number of stitches on a baseball. The number of prayer beads strung together to form a mala. The number of minutes in which Desmond had to press that damn button again and again. And, the new Guinness World Record for consecutive Street Figther IV wins. What do these seemingly unrelated phenomena have in common? The Number 108 ...

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The UK's Zak Bennett has sealed his inseparable fate to this sacred number by setting the SFIV record at a London launch event last Friday, now confirms Guinness World Records. Initially, Bennett was defeated after only 28 consecutive wins, but even that was enough to break the previous record -- set at a paltry 10 wins. Still, something inspired him to try again. In his second attempt, Bennett would not be defeated for 108 consecutive matches. (Guinness did not confirm, however, just what caliber of opponents Bennett faced during his immaculate run.) Quick! Someone make this kid's Wikipedia bullet point.

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