X3F TV -- Points > Life: Halo 3 Mythic Map Skulls

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In a very special edition of Points > Life, we outline the location of each of the three new skulls hidden on the upcoming Mythic Maps for Halo 3: Assembly; Orbital and Sandbox. If you plan on skull hunting when you pick up the maps (via Halo Wars CE or XBLM this Spring) you should remember, the skulls -- and subsequent achievements -- can only be obtained in Halo 3's Forge Mode.

Assembly and Orbital have easy to obtain skulls but Sandbox can be quite a pain in the (Mark VI-plated) butt. The Sandbox Skull is hidden beyond the boundaries of the map so expect the large (Guardian protected) light towers surrounding the area to decimate any player who attempts to leave the area. Fortunately, with the help of a trusty teleporter, we were able to snag yet another Halo 3 Skull. A detailed description of how to grab the Sandbox skull can be found after the break.

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Patience is a virtue ... the Sandbox Skull can get frustrating but it is very possible:
  • In the Forge Edit Mode, set up a two-way teleporter node within the map (Selecting a channel will help you control where you are sent in case you make multiple attempts)
  • Set up another node (with the same channel) with the exit arrows pointing toward the wall
  • Locate the area to the right of the Sunset, over the hill against the far wall at the edge of the map (We zoom into it to show the precise area in the video above)
  • While still in edit mode and holding onto the second teleporter, hold down the left trigger and right bumper to move the Monitor quickly and high off of the ground
  • When you pass the edge of the safe zone you will hear beeping, this signals the towers will attempt to destroy you
  • Sway the monitor back and forth, attempting to dodge the lasers
  • Get to the wall and drop the teleporter near or on the skull
  • You can now teleport near the skull ... but be wary as the Guardians will not be pleased with your trickery
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