WoW Moviewatch: How To Paladin XXXI

Michael Gray
M. Gray|02.26.09

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This has been a rather newsworthy week. We've had Nyhm's final goodbye and the release of No Point: Stretching Time. Now, we see the return of a man Baron Soosdon calls "THE DIVINE ONE." Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you How To Paladin XXXI.

Like Moo Money said many moons ago, it's hard to categorize Shepiwot's work. It's pretty firmly in the "WTF" category, and I think it's probably best if we just leave it there. You're probably going to find the How To Paladin series funny, entertaining, or just plain annoying. Maybe all three. I'm in the "it's entertaining" camp, and I can live with that.

This edition has everything you might expect from Shepiwot journeying to Northrend. Dancing, dancing, and more dancing. Some fighting. Tanks! Explosions! Over all, it's a crazy, whacky ride. It felt to me like it moved faster than previous editions, which is probably a good thing.

"How to Paladin" might not be your cup of tea. But, for the fast pace of the film, it won't take you long to drink it.

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