WinMo 6.5 running on a Touch Diamond2, sans TouchFLO

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.01.09

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We're not too sure what the backstory is here, but somehow, AreaMobile has been treated to a Touch Diamond2 demo well ahead of release. That in itself isn't much of a story -- we spent plenty of time with the Touch Diamond2 at MWC ourselves, after all -- but what makes this demo just a little more special is the fact that the damned thing's running Windows Mobile 6.5. Every Diamond2 we'd seen so far had been running 6.1 with the promise of an eventual upgrade to 6.5 down the line, but it seems that AreaMobile's either scored its own unit through sketchy sources (and possibly flashed it on their own accord) or HTC's getting a little looser about showing off the goods. Either way, noticeably missing is any trace of TouchFLO, so we wouldn't describe this as a close-to-final, HTC-blessed cut of the firmware by any stretch.

[Via WMPoweruser]
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