Pentax X70 leaks out in full ahead of PMA

Well, it looks like those intrigued by that Pentax bridge camera that turned up yesterday didn't have to wait too long to get the full scoop on it, as the camera has now produced yet another leak ahead of the big PMA show, this time with complete specs and a name: the X70. Among the stand-out features here is a 24x optical zoom, along with a more than adequate 12 megapixels, a 2.7-inch LCD, and a number of reasonably high-end features, including "reliable shake-reduction," 720p video recording, settings from ISO 50 to ISO 6400, and a high-speed shooting mode that'll let you capture up to 11 images per second. What's more, while Pentax still isn't saying anything official about the camera, it has already turned up on B&H's website with a price of $399.95, though there's no indication of a release date just yet.

Update: Pentax has pushed out the official presser, with an April release date.

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