Pokemaniacs: grab Regigigas at Toys R Us this month

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Pokemaniacs: grab Regigigas at Toys R Us this month
Toys R Us is holding another of its periodic Pokémon giveaways next week. If you're still playing Diamond and/or Pearl (or if you want to load up for Platinum), bring your DS and game to a local TRU between March 8 and March 21, and you can pick up the "Colossal Pokémon" Regigigas.

If you are planning on getting Platinum, a Regigigas might be a worthwhile provision. According to the news item, having a Regigigas in your party in Platinum causes Regice, Regirock, and Registeel to appear periodically in Sinnoh. Can you really sit by while Pokémon go uncaught? See you at TRU.
[Via Kotaku]
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