Demo-rama: Wanted, Wheelman, Legends of Wrestlemania

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|03.05.09

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Demo-rama: Wanted, Wheelman, Legends of Wrestlemania

Usually, we use that header as a cute way of making a story out of two demos you wouldn't necessarily care about on their own. But today, we literally have a feast of free gaming, a carnaval pour les thumbs, if you will. Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Wheelman and Legends of Wrestlemania samples have all landed on Xbox Live and (we're assuming) will be headed to PSN later in the day.

As noteworthy as the gaming cornucopia is, we feel like we have to point out the truly historic thing about this post. With the release of the Chronicles of Riddick demo yesterday, this marks the first time that two demos for two separate Vin Diesel games have been released within 24 hours of each other. May we suggest laminating your monitor and putting it in your memory box? You know, for the grandkids.

Update: As requested by Jonman:

Download -- Wheelman
Download -- Legends of Wrestlemania
Download -- Wanted: Weapons of Fate

[Thanks, Doug]
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