Atlantica Online's lead producer sits down with

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|03.09.09

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Atlantica Online's lead producer sits down with

Our friends across the pond at recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Kim Tae Gon, the lead producer on Atlantica Online, and ask him some questions about what made Atlantica so special in the MMO market.

Kim gladly laid out his enthusiasm for the game's main selling point, the turn-based strategic combat system. Atlantica uses a turn-based system, rather than the standard real-time systems found in almost all MMOs, to let combat progress with the player making decisions with his character and other units, rather than simply their own character. The system's history is complex, being originally derived from Luminary: The Rise of the GoonZu, Tae Gon's previous title, and ideas presented in the Korean game Gersang. Out of both of these titles, and with a renewed emphasis on combat rather than strategic control of territories, came Atlantica's combat system.

For the full interview, check out GameSource's website as they ask Tae Gon on his favorite mercenary in Atlantica, how the economic crisis has hit their company, and how Tae Gon and his team work to overcome the western market's stigma of free-to-play titles.
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