Flickr Find: A familiar logo

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.10.09

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Flickr Find: A familiar logo

You can call Steve Jobs a visionary if you want, but the Vanzettis are the real visionaries -- who would have ever thought of using a computer company's logo to sell fruit?! Though it's a little bit squished and the colors are different than we've ever seen (a red apple and a green leaf? why didn't they ever use that on the old IIe's?), the old bite-out-of-the-apple logo is definitely very familiar.

We doubt Apple will take any legal action here -- the Mac makers having a problem with a fruit company would be like a record company having a problem with Apple (oh wait). As long as Vanzetti never tries to release an iOrange, they'll probably be fine.

Thanks, Lucky!
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