Rumorang: BBFC rates 'Silent Hill'

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|03.10.09

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Rumorang: BBFC rates 'Silent Hill'

We hope Konami may soon be ready to scare some truth out of earlier rumors of a Silent Hill remake for the Wii and PSP. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) recently posted a '15' rating for Silent Hill, with a listing that contains an interesting breakdown of scenes from the game with titles like "ANKH ROOM" and "CYBIL'S DEATH."

Last month's rumor laid dev duties at the feet of Silent Hill: Origins creator Climax, though Konami has yet to make anything official. We're trying to reach either Konami or Climax for comment ... but the lines are cut, and there's an unsettling noise coming from behind the door.

Of course, this could just as well be a PSN re-release. And yes, we'll take one of those too.

[Via Kotaku]
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