Motion's J3400 rugged tablet PC dissected, loved up on video

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|03.16.09

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Motion's J3400 rugged tablet PC dissected, loved up on video

Somebody is really geeked about Motion Computing's J3400 Rugged Slate Tablet PC. Not only have we found it dissected over at Gotta Be Mobile, but the InkShow gang have just released the first of two videos where they give the device their "fine toothed comb" treatment. The verdict? "It feels great," the reviewer enthuses. It's easily the lightest rugged slate he's yet experienced, a joy to write on, with buttons "where they should be," and a host of great features: the convertible keyboard is held in place by magnets (which seem to be more than up to the task), the webcam has a flash, and the accelerometer is nice and responsive, switching things up from landscape to portrait and back with real panache. Of course, the best part is when this one guy states that "we are a mobile computing warrior, ready to do anything that we need to do." Video after the break.

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