Keepin' it real fake, part CXCI: Motorola Aura gets the fake Louis Vuitton treatment

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Sure, you could just get a plain old KIRF Motorola Aura, but those looking for a double dose of fake luxury will no doubt want to give some serious consideration to this latest knock-off wonder, which adds some of that always popular Louis Vuitton excess to Moto's often imitated sense of style. Of course, that imitation doesn't exactly extend all that far, with this so-called Imobile Phone V453 ditching the Aura's pricey circular display in favor of a not at all pricey square-within-a-circle display, although the phone does one-up the Aura with a eye-catching ring of LED lights around the display (hit up the link below for a glimpse of that). Or, if the Aura's not your thing, you can also save a few bucks and snag a fake Louis Vuitton RAZR... or not.

[Via Engadget German]
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