All Points Bulletin developer hiring 40 at GDC

Joe Blancato
J. Blancato|03.22.09

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All Points Bulletin developer hiring 40 at GDC
Realtime Worlds, the folks behind GTA-inspired All Points Bulletin, have announced their intention to add 40 people to their team at this year's GDC in San Francisco. The Dundee, Scotland, based company is offering unique, year-long contracts to anyone they hire, so it's not technically a permanent gig, but in this economy, what is?

The contract package isn't all that shabby, either. According to a press release, new employees receive: "a competitive package, 12 month contract, Visa costs paid, return flights paid, free quality accommodation, free healthcare, paid overtime, and paid holiday."

Realtime sees this as a good time to scoop up talent on the outs. "Many companies have laid off large numbers of talented staff in recent months," said John Duthie, head of Realtime's HR department, "and we see GDC as a great chance to tap into that talent pool. With the economy the way it is, many people don't want to think about committing to a permanent move, so what we're offering is a number of contract positions for folk to come to Scotland, help us to a successful launch of APB, and then reassess their options when the economy is hopefully in better shape."
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