Select Tier 8 set bonuses updated in latest PTR build

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.24.09

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Select Tier 8 set bonuses updated in latest PTR build
As I mentioned when the Tier 8 set bonuses were first revealed, some of them will probably change before patch 3.1 hits live realms. Better ideas come up, bugs are fixed, things are rebalanced, all of that. It's proven true so far, because tonight's PTR build has changed a few of them, most notably the ones that had incorrect or missing values in the tooltips. Here are the set bonuses changes we've seen so far in this build:

  • Balance 2Piece Bonus -- Increases the bonus granted by Eclipse for Starfire and Wrath by 15%.
  • Protection 2Piece Bonus -- Increases the damage done by your Seals of Vengeance, Corruption, and Righteousness by 10%.
  • Protection 4Piece Bonus -- Shield of Righteousness now increases your shield block value by 225 for that attack and for 3 sec afterward.
  • Holy 4Piece Bonus -- Your Sacred Shield can now trigger its effect every 4 sec instead of every 6.
  • Shadow 4Piece Bonus -- Your Mind Blast also grants you 240 haste rating for 4 sec.
  • Healer 4Piece Bonus -- Casting Power Word: Shield also grants you 250 spell power for 5 sec.
  • 2Piece Bonus -- Increases the damage done by your Unstable Affliction by 20% and your Immolate by 10%.
The only negative change I see here is possibly Warlocks, who I believe had their Immolate bonus toned down. Priests had their bonuses clarified, and it looks like Paladin bonuses received a significant buff. One of my favorite characters is my Protection Paladin, so I was befuddled by the old 4-piece bonus for awhile. Now that it applies to the attack itself, it looks pretty fantastic. For the most part (key word: most), these look great.

[via MMO-Champion]
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