Skate 2 getting custom soundtracks today

Majed Athab
M. Athab|03.23.09

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Majed Athab
March 23rd, 2009
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Skate 2 getting custom soundtracks today
Skate 2 may offer some excellent variety with its 50+ song soundtrack, but sometimes you just feel like skating to your own tunes. Developer EA Black Box knows this and has announced that it is finally patching custom soundtracks into the PS3 version of the game.

The update, which releases today, will include some minor bug fixes, removal of exploits and other adjustments. You can check out the full list of fixes after the break. Also, for the first song on your custom soundtrack ... go with some real hardcore thrash metal.
  • Improved responsiveness of off-board controls, modified left stick behavior to improve feel of off-board movement.
  • Eliminate scoring exploit for Hippie Jump 180s in multiplayer Spot Battle.
  • Eliminate the wipeout exploit with off-board and the Superdude trick.
  • Fixed mute and stale grab tricks to use proper hand when performed in conjunction with a hand gesture.
  • Fixed the occasional popping of visual indicators (sign-ups, arrows, etc).
  • Added support for custom soundtracks for the PS3.
  • Face and Body settings will now load properly in saved replays.
  • Character models will be in high detail when viewing a replay.
  • Visual indicators (sign-up icons/arrows) are no longer visible in replays and videos.
  • Removed the confirmation pop-up when retrying a challenge.
  • Reduced potential for pedestrians to spawn in an active challenge location.
  • Modified "Can you spell Girl?" challenge so the player starts with the lead.
  • Remove the 3,2,1 countdown when retrying a film challenge.
  • All Thrasher challenges unlock properly in the career progression.
  • When starting an Own the Spot via the Challenge Map, the player's session marker is automatically set for them.
  • Updated the online mini-map so skaters appear as the same color indicated in the player HUD.
  • Improved quality of character images generated for display on skate.reel web profiles.
  • EXP is no longer awarded for players that don't attempt a trick during a Ranked game of S.K.A.T.E.
  • Modified deathrace intro sequences to eliminate camera clipping.
  • Online Freeskate Activities (Survival) - Increased the tolerance for 'skating too slowly' while in the air.
  • Online Spot Battle/Hall of Meat - Spectators can again trigger hand gestures during another player's turn.
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