VC/WiiWare Tuesday: Smorgasbord Gaming

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VC/WiiWare Tuesday: Smorgasbord Gaming
Welcome to Bizarro World! Yesterday, North American Wii owners got two great Japanese games on the Virtual Console, and a WiiWare game. This week, Nintendo stiffs Japan on the VC entirely, and offers two less-than-thrilling WiiWare games. In fact, the most noteworthy release of the week is a shogi game based on a manga.

Silver Star, the company behind some of the existing WiiWare board games, brought its board-game simulating expertise to the manga/drama property Hachi-One Diver. The art does not seem to be from the manga -- from the look of it, Silver Star brought its board game expertise to art as well. The other game this week is Major League Eating, which came out in North America back in July.
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