Japanese company recruiting for 'PS3 flight action game'

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Andrew Yoon
March 26th, 2009
Japanese company recruiting for 'PS3 flight action game'

Ace Combat has always been a PlayStation series. Well, except for that last game, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, an Xbox 360 exclusive. Many have wondered why the PS3 hasn't seen its own Ace Combat game yet -- could Namco Bandai be working on one now?

A Japanese job listing is searching for a PS3 artist experienced in MAYA. This person will be responsible for creating the textures and models of jet fighters. The hiring company is not named, but the address listed is in the same area as many of Namco Bandai's Shinagawa offices.

We're hopeful that Namco Bandai will bring the Ace Combat series back to PlayStation fans. If not, then PS3 owners can -- at the very least -- take comfort in knowing that some Japanese company is making a "flight action game" for our system.

[Thanks, KATSU! Via PS3 FAN]
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