Ulysse Nardin Chairman "hybrid smart phone" unveiled

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Ulysse Nardin Chairman "hybrid smart phone" unveiled

Yeah, we'd seen those fine mechanical workings from the back, but Ulysse Nardin has just taken the wraps of its entire Chairman handset, which they bill as a "hybrid smart phone" -- and actually seem to mean it. Ulysse Nardin surprisingly hasn't skimped on specs here, with a 2.8-inch multitouch screen, finger print reader for phone unlock, 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and the inclusion of an email app and a browser. There's also that fancy kinetic rotor system for passive charging of the phone, but no word on how much battery life that will actually get you. Ulysse Nardin is currently showing off the phone in Rose Gold, Rose Gold & Blue, Rose Gold & Steel, Stealth Black and Steel & Blue trims, so there should be plenty of options to set you apart from your other billionaire friends. The device is currently on display at BASELWORLD; no word on price, but if you have to ask...

[Thanks, Stefan I.]

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