Video: Sony NWZ-X1000 OLED touchscreen Walkman rightly promoted

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Video: Sony NWZ-X1000 OLED touchscreen Walkman rightly promoted
One of our pet peeves with Sony gear has long been the software. Beautiful hardware matched with average to awful software can kill the user experience. Oh sure, there are exceptions in Sony's broad product portfolio, but interfaces like XMB are bubbles on Sony's otherwise festering UI sores. Sony knows this, they've admitted it with a promise of good things to come -- and here's a good example: Sony's new X-series Walkman with 3-inch OLED. In the (controlled) promotional video (finally!) found after the break, the X-series Walkman seems to offer a sweet mix of hybrid touchscreen and physical controls conveniently positioned for use. The 3D animations also look fluid without being superfluous. Even Sony's drag-and-drop Content Transfer Tool (updated to 1.1 last week) for quickly moving audio, video, and pictures onto the player looks dead simple to use. We'll reserve final judgement until we get a unit in-house for a review. Until then, feel free to jump to your own conclusions in the comments.

[Via SonyInsider]
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