Bob's (playable) Game: Homebrew demo released

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JC Fletcher
March 31st, 2009
Bob's (playable) Game: Homebrew demo released
We're a bit shocked to see that Robert Pelloni has done something in relation to Bob's Game other than release fake news. In fact, the release of a real, playable demo goes a long way in our minds toward faking an alien abduction. Maybe. At the very least, it's finally something we can believe -- who could ever tell if anything Bob (or the character "Bob") said was real?

The demo is an NDS file and thus requires either a flash cart or a DS emulator. The Bob's Game website says that the game works in NO$GBA. Now here's the really freaky part: we haven't loaded it up yet, but based on early reports from sites like Infendo, it's ... pretty cool! Bob seems to be delivering on the idea of a game about growing up with Nintendo, combining a real-world RPG about "Bob" with Retro Game Challenge-style, Nintendo-inspired minigames.

[Thanks, Sean!]
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