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Samsung HZ15W and hands-on, with friends

Samsung HZ15W and hands-on, with friends
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|March 31, 2009 1:43 PM

We're not exactly enthused at all the granularity makes up Samsung's wide assortment of digital compacts, but it's not like they're the only offenders in the industry. In the high end they've got the HZ15W and TL320 -- we've seen the TL320 and is marvelous analog dials in the wild before, but the HZ15W is a new one on us. Overall the camera is a bit bulky for this segment, and we'd have a hard time sticking it into a pants or jacket pocket without discomfort. That said, the camera is flush with functionality like HDMI out, 720p video recording and a wide view lens. The second look at the TL320 reminded us how completely in love we are its analog dials, though unfortunately the pre-production model we were looking at was having trouble with its OLED screen. The rest of the line, including the SL820, SL620 and SL202, was hanging out for the photo op, but there wasn't much that stood out.