Samsung YP-Q2 and YP-U5 hands-on

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Samsung YP-Q2 and YP-U5 hands-on

Samsung has rounded out its line of DAPs with the new YP-U5 and YP-Q2, both squarely targeted at what have come to be well-defined DAP categories in recent years. The Q2 (pictured) has a friendly icon-based interface, with familiar touch-sensitive controls below the screen -- though we found ourselves futilely tapping at the large bright icons out of habit. The interface is fast, the screen is great, and the feature set builds on Samsung's typical kitchen sink, now including DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement -- though we'd say the 50 hour battery life steals the show. The U5 looks thoroughly dated, though it's more ergonomically friendly to those athletic types among us than some thumb daps. The teensy black and white OLED screen makes it a bit of a chore to run through the functions, but at least it's there.

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